Eagle Distilleries, 60 Years of Excellence

A Short History
Eagle Distilleries Company

Robert Haddad

      Let me tell you a story, a story about a little company that we all know and love. The year was 1951 and the Founders, Mr. Mudieb Haddad and Mr. Joudeh Siwady (May God rest their souls), chose a plot of land in the city of Zarqa to build their brain child. At the time, Zarqa provided almost everything that they needed to succeed. It had plenty of water, a working infrastructure, and enough labor to cover their needs. They laid the corner stone to their legacy later that year.

      The real start to our story began in 1953. It was this year that the Eagle Distilleries Company was born with the registration number of three in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. With the help of its seventeen employees, Eagle Distilleries’ first run of distillation ushered in Arak and Brandy under the brand name Eagle to the Jordanian market. Eagle Distilleries produced Arak, Brandy, and other spirits over the next fifteen years, while sticking to its high standard and strict quality.

      The next chapter came in 1968 the company underwent an overhaul as well as an expansion. The expansion included a new alcohol factory which would serve to improve quality and price for the consumers. This year also saw the beginning of the company’s first exports of its brands to other countries in the region, the United States, and beyond.
Moving on to 1970, everything was big. Big sideburns, big music, and big cars, and Eagle Distilleries was no different. In 1970 the company introduced Arak Haddad Gold Label arguably the biggest alcohol brand in Jordan. To decrease waste and increase efficiency, the company also decided to create a CO2 and Dry Ice factory to utilize the byproducts of the distillation process. This expanded the product offering of EDC beyond the alcohol beverage market.

      By the time the last American troops were leaving Vietnam in 1975 the factory mounted a new project into the wine market. The company built the Winery to complement the rest of its brands. The Winery was, at first, managed with the help of Italian experts to make sure that our wine would develop and maintain the high standard of quality and taste that the Jordanian market and the Haddad family had grown to enjoy from the distilleries’ products.
Through the coming years from 1975 until 2001 most of the enhancements in the distillery came by way of upgrades to the current systems. Eagle Distilleries continued to enhance and excel in every aspect of its business, whether technology used to produce its quality products, or enhancements in the distillation and fermentation methods. It was also during this time that a lot of Eagle Distilleries’ great brands were born, including Black Jack whisky, Barvok Vodka, and many others.

     Shortly after the world welcomed the new millennium in 2001 Eagle Distilleries underwent yet another leap in size when it acquired one-thousand donums in the Mafraq region. On this land, the company planted a large amount of international wine grape varieties to become the only truly Jordanian wine. With this vineyard, wines like Mount Nebo and Jordan River under the banner of Haddad Wines could be produced with large enough quantities to supply the demand while maintaining its heritage and quality. Haddad Wines are 100% Jordanian; they are cultivated, harvested, fermented, aged, and bottled all in the country.

      Since the acquisition of the vineyard in 2001 till today, Eagle distilleries has been working tirelessly to produce new brands, upgrade technology, increase quality, and trying to better understand and exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers. Eagle Distilleries also introduced many new brands like Vega vodka and of course upgraded the image and packaging of brands such as Jordan River, Mount Nebo, and Rose Marie liquor. Since our start in 1953, we have also become ISO 9001/9002 and HACCP certified, we have grown to around 300 employees, and we have increased the export business to where it accounts for around 60% of our production and sales.

      For Eagle Distilleries, the future has never been so bright. With the help of our loyal customers and partners, this business which is now in its third generation will expand into new markets and market segments, produce more volume using the latest in distillation and production technology, increase our export to the rest of the world, and as always will stay true to the vision and mission of the founders by adhering to the strictest quality standards that our customers have become accustomed to over these past 60 years.

This short video shows a summary of the Eagle Distilleries 60th Anniversary Party and some scenes from its rich 60 years of history. The Party took place in the Four Seasons Hotel, Amman Jordan. It was a great way to usher in another 60 years of quality and dedication. Thanks for all the support.